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AZ Cardinals 5,000/1
ATL Falcons 110/1
BAL Ravens 100/1
BUF Bills 5,000/1
CAR Panthers 45/1
CHI Bears 20/1
CIN Bengals 250/1
CLE Browns 2,000/1
DAL Cowboys 60/1
DEN Broncos 1,500/1
DET Lions 1,500/1
GB Packers 25/1
HOU Texans 28/1
IND Colts 85/1
JAC Jaguars 350/1
KC Chiefs 4.5/1
LA Chargers 12/1
LA Rams 2.7/1
MIA Dolphins 400/1
MIN Vikings 20/1
NE Patriots 8/1
NO Saints 2.7/1
NY Giants 2,000/1
NY Jets 3,000/1
OAK Raiders 5,000/1
PHI Eagles 42/1
PIT Steelers 7.5/1
SF 49ers 5,000/1
SEA Seahawks 300/1
TB Buccaneers 1,500/1
TEN Titans 65/1
WAS Redskins 60/1
This is the Win Amount PLUS the Ticket Cost
If Odds are 10/1 then type 10, if Odds are -200 then type -200
This is how much someone would need to wager at current Odds to Collect the same amount as your ticket.

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